Dear Dani,

Instacart's contracted workers are organizing a national protest on November 3-5. Instacart is paying us far too little, while discouraging customers from properly tipping us.

Instacart's Chief Communications Officer, Dani Dudeck, recently gave an interview gloating about her advocacy for women at Instacart, but her efforts are noticably absent when it comes to contract workers. Read our full open letter to Dani Dudeck.

Media coverage:

VICE: Instacart Delivery Workers Are Planning A Three Day Strike

The Daily Beast: Instacart Workers Sick of Being Screwed by the Algorithm Are the Latest Gig Economy Strike Force

Please help us tell Dani that we matter.

Hit the button below and tell Instacart and Dani Dudeck you stand for workers:

1649 Instacart customers and workers have already joined us in voicing their opinion.